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XML Development
XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is designed to improve the functionality of the Web by providing more flexible and adaptable information identification. It is called extensible because it is not a fixed format like HTML (a single, predefined markup language). Instead, XML is actually a `metalanguage' --a language for describing other languages--which lets you design your own customized markup languages for limitless different types of documents.

Web development company Scarlet infosystems has the experience and the technical know how to assist you in designing, developing and deploying open standard infrastructure solutions based on XML and related standards.

We were early adopters of XML because we recognized the benefits that this markup language provides in developing open, robust and heterogeneous solutions.

XML is the preferred format for structured documents and data in many information-transfer scenarios because of its ability to encode information in a way that is easy to read, process, and generate.

It is a set of conventions for designing text formats and data in a way that produces files that are unambiguous and that avoid common pitfalls such as lack of extensibility, lack of support for internationalization / localization, and platform-dependency.

XML also allows us to dynamically configure and customize an application without costly code changes.

Scarlet can guide you through the Java XML standards and tools, helping you to find those that solve your problems efficiently. When the solution that you need doesn't exist or its price is too high, we'll build it for you on time and within your budget. You'll own everything related to the project including the source code and documentation.

Every custom Java XML solution involves basic tasks such as design of XML schemas/DTDs that might be mapped to Java classes create and update XML documents using Java or Web-based interfaces parse, query or transform XML content using standard Java APIs.

We excel at implementing such functionality, but our services go far beyond that. Scarlet infosystems builds full solutions that allow you to manage, process, archive, visualize and edit XML documents in a desktop, server or distributed Java environment.
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